Full Service Migration and Support for Office 365

Whether you're a 1,000 employee enterprise or a 1 person shop, we have options to help you get MORE from Microsoft's cloud offerings, including Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and more. Take advantage of our fixed-price migration packages to help you move into the cloud, and stay with us for best-in-class support with a personal touch.

Strategic and Technical Consulting for SharePoint

Whether you're completely new to SharePoint, just trying to understand what it can do, or looking to take it to the next level, our expertise in SharePoint will help you maximize productivity and stay organized. We offer a full spectrum of consulting, training, administration, and development services for SharePoint on-premises and in the cloud.

Serving Government, Educators, and Businesses of All Kinds

Got a business challenge? Let's solve it together! Whatever your size or industry, we develop the solutions that make your organization unique and competitive. We offer IT services with a personal touch and our innovative problem solving approach and attention to detail have made us a leader in our field.

The Sky Is the Limit
With Liquid Mercury Solutions
as Your Cloud Solutions Provider

  • Our Full Service License Management Gets You the Best Value from Office 365
  • Local Support Staff Who Speak Your Language; Work with People You Know
  • Keep SharePoint Online On-Track with Periodic Strategy Sessions
  • Get MORE for the Same Price as Buying
    Office 365 from Microsoft Directly
  • Free Software, Apps, and Documentation and Exclusive Discounts
  • Need Custom Code? No Problem!
    Our Devs Can Tackle Your Project All-in Cloud Apps, Hybrid, and On-Premises
  • Experts in Advanced Cloud Security
    SSO, ADFS, AD Connect, and More
  • Premium Services Available

Was Your Last Proposal Writing Adventure Simply Monstrous?
Stop Rolling the Dice!
 Tame Your Company's Proposal Projects
 Chimera Proposal Center.

  • Produce Higher Quality Proposals Up to 3x Faster, While Spending Less
  • Provides a Cohesive Platform to Build Proposal Teams from Different Departments and Organizations
  • Gain Valuable Insights into Proposal Status, What Wins More Business, and What Doesn't
  • Leverages SharePoint Tools Already Familiar to You and Your Team
  • Increase Your Proposal Win Rate and Company Revenue
  • Works in On-Premises SharePoint and Office 365;
    SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 all Supported

Is SharePoint leaving your sensitive documents wide open?
Shut the Front Door! with Beowulf Identity Server

  • Secure Multi-factor Authentication for On-premises SharePoint Farms
  • Has Many Exclusive Features Not Found in Any Other Product on the Market
  • Based on IT Security Industry Standards; Integrates with ADFS, Office 365, and More
  • Built Especially for SharePoint; Works Well with Other Web Apps
  • Supports But Doesn't Require Dedicated Servers
  • Mobile Friendly and Fully Customizable UI
  • Federal Agencies Welcome; We're 100% Ready to Help You Obtain Your ATO Based on DOE's Example Flexible Configuration Yet Easy to Use and Manage

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